Sunday, January 11, 2009

Utah Highlights - 2

Here's a few more miscellaneous photos; I have been devoting my time to some major projects, instead of blogging. It's probably for the best. :)

Genna received a really cute Noah's Ark set from Grandma and Grandpa Cluff, and she loves playing with it!

My favorite picture of my sister, Holly, and myself. Aren't we cute?

Genna and Avery playing around on New Year's Day. I'm so glad they are friends!

I think Genna's favorite present was My First Purse, which you can see in the previous picture with Avery. It includes a coin purse, lipstick, keys, comb and most importantly - a cell phone! She loves playing with it, but once she catches sight of my cell phone, she drops that silly plastic thing and goes for the real technology! She is very good at calling Reid at work, and my family at home. She even managed to clear out my Favorites menu. Thanks, sweetie!

This is Genna and her Great-Grandpa Cluff. He lives in California, but flew out to visit many of his children. We were so blessed to be able to visit with him for a few days!

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Emily Petty said...

What a cute little purse!