Sunday, April 12, 2009

Genevieve, our Court Jester

As we were sitting around after our delicious Easter dinner tonight (pictures forthcoming!), Genna started laughing hysterically with her tongue sticking out. It was so funny, we just had to take a video. I can see it now...Genevieve, the Class Clown!

P.S. Genna went on her Easter egg hunt today! My dad recorded it, and I'll post an edited video after I get a chance to cut it down from 6 minutes. I think only my sister and possibly Genna's cousin would watch the entire video.

April Showers on My Calendar

April has been and is going to be CRAZY!!! Let's see...we went to Denver to visit Reid's cousins for General Conference, my parents and little brother flew in yesterday and leave Wednesday, Reid's parents fly in Wednesday and leave Sunday, that next week I have something almost every evening (three things that I must plan/prepare for), that Saturday is packed as well, and then the following weekend, Genna and I fly to Utah for Women's Conference and my sister's graduation. Whew - aren't you tired just reading that?

So. I am determined not to let this craziness destroy my renewed determination to stay connected through blogging and commenting (or exercise, but that's another story...). This will just give me more to blog about, right? :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

How do YOU organize your digital photos?

I'm putting out a call to all my blogging and picture-taking friends (and friends of friends):

How do you organize your digital photos? I've been thinking about this for some time now, and decided I should find a better a system while I have only a few thousand photos (almost 5,000) instead of a million. :)

Currently, my photos are basically just organized chronologically, with a folder for each month. But, I don't remember what exciting events happen each month, or even in which month an exciting event happened. We have a Mac, so I use iPhoto (I used Picasa on our old PC, which I also really liked). iPhoto (are you supposed to capitalize the "i" if it's at the beginning of a sentence? Look how Apple has affected our grammar...) automatically creates "events," which can be helpful in some cases. For example, I could have an event titled "Genna's birthday" or "Day at the zoo," which is clearly more descriptive than "May 2007."

But what about random, everyday pictures that are not part of an event? I don't want to create a new event (or folder) every time Genna gets a new outfit or I make a beautiful meal. I can also create labels or keywords for the photos which are searchable, but I guess I haven't yet figured out an efficient way without creating too many labels.

Do you have a separate folder for each person? Do you use labels, and what categories do you use? ("Family" or "Mom" and "Dad," etc.) How do you find the best photos? And what about pictures with more than one person in them? What program do you use?

So, what do you do? Maybe you just throw all your photos into "My Pictures" and never look at them again. If so, perhaps you will get an idea or two from some other comments. :) Please share your tips (Mac and PC alike) for organizing your digital photos. I can't wait to hear all your brilliant ideas.

P.S. Should we have a contest? Maybe the person with the most digital photos should win something! I'll think about some kind of awesome prize, and get back to you. Thanks for sharing!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What does "sanitary" mean anyway?

Genna LOVES the dishwasher. The moment that she hears us open it, she is there, ready to "help." She will dutifully stand there and hand us everything within her reach, so we can put it away. If we don't take whatever she's holding withing 1.7 seconds, she reminds us that she is helping by letting out our favorite new sound: whine. If only I had recorded it...but I'm sure you can imagine.

Today, she handed me each piece of silverware (well, actually stainless steel, but whatever). I cannot guarantee that her hands were "clean." Does this mean my dishes are "dirty?" Should I "sanitize" them again?

(Emily, I thought of you as this was you let Frank "help" with "clean" dishes?)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm NOT Pregnant

Thanks for indulging me in a little April Fool's joke, everyone. No, I'm NOT pregnant, and when I do become so, probably won't announce it like that on my blog. But who knows? Maybe as soon as I get two lines on a stick I'll get one of those freaky-looking floating fetus counters: "280 days to go."

(No offense to those that have them. Only don't you wish the fetus would actually represent what it looked like at that moment? I keep waiting for the little floating guy to get bigger until he doesn't float around anymore...just squirm. TMI? I thought so.)

P.S. Cathie, I loved your train of thought.

So, how was YOUR April 1st?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have an announcement...

Please leave a comment to let us know how happy you are. :)