Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Eve

I am determined to post these pictures...despite being one month late. So here we go:

We spent Christmas Eve with my family, and it was a busy but wonderful day. My sister and I spent most of the day cooking and baking, with a small break for a manicure. :)

The day started with cookie baking - yum! I tried very hard not to eat all the scraps... (Did you notice the unicorn in the left corner? "My horn can pierce the sky!")

Happy cookie maker, wearing my mom's plaid apron. It seems we've always had it.

Our beautiful Christmas Eve table, simple and traditional.

Reid showed off what he learned at Johnson & Wales University - impressive!

Chad, the Oven Mitt Man, displays the ladies' hard work...and it was delicious!

Genna chowing down on green beans and a roll. That's right, I didn't even break it into pieces for her. She got the whole thing; hey, it's Christmas!

Sugar cookie Christmas tree

Sugar cookies, gingersnaps and candy cane cookies. For Santa? Oh yeah, sure.

Genna opening her first Christmas present - socks!

I hope your Christmas Eve was filled with family, yumminess and sweet anticipation.

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