Friday, January 9, 2009

Utah Highlights - 1

Well, we've been back for a whole week now, and I've finally decided to blog. It was a little difficult not being able to blog whenever I wanted to during the holidays, and now I have over 400 pictures and the thought of blogging about all of the wonderful things that happened is overwhelming. Therefore, I have decided to just do some highlights of the trip. For a comprehensive account of my time in Utah, please check my sister's blog: Holly's Happenings.

Genna and Reid playing Magic with my brother, Jordan.

Wow...that's some loyalty.

At first, Avery (my brother's son) wasn't too sure about Genna...

...but who can resist that smile?

Genna reaching for an ornament. I wanted to take this picture because I have a picture of me reaching for an ornament on my Grandmother's tree my first Christmas.

More pictures to follow. For now, Reid and I are putting together a Noah's Ark puzzle his mom gave us for Christmas. I can't wait to glue it and hang it in Genna's room!

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