Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gingerbread House and Train

Our Christmas journey continues...with a gingerbread house and a gingerbread train! See how excited Holly is!

A few days after we arrived in Utah, Diane utilized her amazing culinary skills to guide our creative efforts.

The train: pre-decoration.

I couldn't resist organizing the candy by type and then color...it's just what I do. Let me tell you, we were not tempted to eat this "candy" at all - it came with the house & train sets and was not appetizing. Trick-or-treaters would have scorned. It was colorful, and I suppose that's all that matters.

Look at Holly's joyful face! She got to knead the tube of frosting to a "toothpaste consistency."

We were so lucky to have Grandpa Cluff, a real engineer, around to guide our efforts.

He was quite the task-master!

The pro in action.
Diane taking out her frustration on some hard candy - she broke it into pieces to be used for stained-glass windows. This did NOT come in the box. :)

Our poor little gingerbread men couldn't seem to stand up straight...neither could the lamppost...

Here is Jordan adding his contribution.

Ta-da! Here is the train: final product.

Could we have added any more rainbows? I don't think so.

Don't you just love the Milk Duds coal? This was another of our ingenious additions.

And the house - what a masterpiece.

Check out those icicles! Diane is a master.

As a final touch, we added a cobblestone entry made of white chocolate peppermint bark (another delicious "neighbor gift.")

We had such a wonderful time making these beautiful gingerbread creations. Thank you Diane!

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Holly said...

That was so much fun! A very good documentation of the process. Except there are no pictures of you! And I happen to know that there is a cute picture of you making our ginger creations.