Thursday, May 22, 2008

How did I end up here?

"How did I end up in the refrigerator? I only fell asleep for a minute and I woke up in here."

Well, don't any of you worry, we didn't actually put her in the refrigerator for very long. It was only a second so that we could take the picture. But hey, what's the point of having a baby if you can't put them in weird situations and record it for later in life as blackmail? Some of you may be wondering how we even thought of this idea. Good question. It all happend so fast. We were making dinner, the refrigerator dooor was open, and there just happend to be a spot that was perfectly Genna-sized. One thing led to another and next thing we knew, there was a camera and she was having a photo shoot. And what better place to be than with food? So there you have it, studies have shown that babies who pose in weird places in the first year have higher IQs. That means Genna is going to have the highest IQ of her generation, because her parents have a habit of finding weird places and things for her to take pictures with. So far, we have laundry, laundry baskets, the refrigerator, the remote control, the phone, an iPod, and reading a book. Our quest will not stop there though, it must go on until our daughter is the smartest woman of her age!

Below is a picture of Genna, 1 hour later.....

"I guess I shouldn't have eaten so much chocolate syrup while I was in the refrigerator!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Phantom Mover

She did it again! Today while I (Rebecca) was folding laundry, I set Genna down on a blanket next to me, on her tummy. So, I'm sitting there, folding clothes, watching Food Network, and I look over - Genna's on her back! I couldn't believe that I missed it, and I was sitting right there. Hopefully soon I'll be able to catch her in action, and if you're lucky - with our camera.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Genna's Secret Move

I suppose it's my turn to blog - this is Rebecca. A few days ago, Genna got me really excited - she rolled over for the first time! She had been having some "tummy time" while I did the dishes. She used to hate being on her tummy, and would only last maybe 10 minutes and only if sat down right next to her. Recently, she's been enjoying it more, and keeping herself occupied longer as she strengthens her body enough to play around. Anyway, I had put her on her stomach and started working in the kitchen for a few minutes when I stepped back into the family room to check on her. I was so surprised to find her on her back! I called Reid right away to tell him!

I'm sure it happened just by accident, and she hasn't repeated the trick yet, but I hope she will soon. She sure is a pro at rotating while on her tummy - she completely rotated 180 degrees today, and moved almost a foot! I guess she just preferred the toys on the other side of her mat...

The Fall of Azula.....Finally!

To the left here, you can see that even our baby has played into our obsession for the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. Our cousin Lauren drew this beautiful onesie at Rebecca's baby shower last November. We are avid fans who listen to podcasts about this show, watch every week, and I (Reid) even have an Aang (main character of the show) action figure on my desk at work. Some people might ask why 25 year-olds such as ourselves are so into a kid's show like this. Well, I think we can blame that on our Free cousins in Arizona. They introduced the show to us two Thanksgivings ago. Ever since then we have bought both seasons that are out so far and we continue to watch the third season on TV. Recently, we just watched an episode that hasn't "officially" been released yet. But we have our sources online. The most recent episode has made us extremely happy as the evil villain, Azula, who has seemed indestructible until now finally went down. WE are so happy about it that we are now putting it on our blog. Is this an obsession.......maybe. But what a great show to be obsessed about. It is the best of Anime with an American style storyline and fantastic martial arts. Who wouldn't love this show? In case any of you want to get in on this obsession, the long-awaited conclusion to this season and the Avatar Saga begin again on July 14 on Nickelodeon.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rocky Mountain Road.....Mmmmmmmmm!

Today, I (Reid) am writing about ice cream. Yes, that's right ice cream. Specifically, the flavor of rocky mountain road ice cream from Josh & John's here in Colorado Springs. I have to say that this is is probably the best frozen dessert I've ever tasted. The real key to this particular rocky road is the marshmallows. Some rocky roads have marshmallow swirls, or possibly some kind of stale marshmallows that taste dry. Josh and John have done it right, the marshmallows are the perfect consistency just like you're eating them fresh out of the bag. They also have the perfect walnuts and Chocolate. Sometimes chocolate can be hard, but they use Ghiradelli chocolate and it isn't too hard, but makes the flavor of the ice cream perfect. These my friends make the perfect Rocky Road Ice Cream, that is Rocky Mountain Road:

1. Marshmallows
2. Walnuts
3. Ghiradelli Chocolate

With these three things you can make the perfect ice cream. Well, that is all, I just wanted to ramble on about my favorite ice cream shop. They also have many other great flavors like chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip and homemade waffle cones. If you're ever in Colorado Springs, or perhaps you live here, you must make it a regular treat to stop by Josh & John's Ice Cream Parlor on Pikes Peak and Tejon streets.