Saturday, January 24, 2009

Genna Remembered How to Walk!

Before we left for Utah, Genna started to take a few steps on her own. She took 10 steps in the airport! However, the whole time we were in Utah, she would only take 1-2 steps before dropping to the floor and crawling.

Last week, she seemed to remember how to walk! I think part of this was due to the fact that I babysat a boy who is almost 2; monkey see, monkey do!

Christmas Day

This year we enjoyed a white Christmas, and it was wonderful.

Here are our stockings, hung with care. It is with slight sadness that I officially move from those-who-receive-a-surprise-in-their-stocking to those-who-stuff-the-stockings. I suppose Reid had a few surprises for me, which was nice. I'm sure it will be more fun to play Santa as Genna gets older and has more anticipation/excitement.

Christmas pajamas!

Genna diving into her stocking (I think I'll sew some new ones for us this year).

Don't you love Genna's face? She is so over those spoons...don't worry - she enjoyed everything else!

"So, when do we get to open these ones?"

Isn't this purse and headband adorable?

Just a few of her spoils. She officially has more cute clothes than I do. Is that what happens when you have kids?

Thanks for a great Christmas, Grandma & Grandpa Cluff!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Eve

I am determined to post these pictures...despite being one month late. So here we go:

We spent Christmas Eve with my family, and it was a busy but wonderful day. My sister and I spent most of the day cooking and baking, with a small break for a manicure. :)

The day started with cookie baking - yum! I tried very hard not to eat all the scraps... (Did you notice the unicorn in the left corner? "My horn can pierce the sky!")

Happy cookie maker, wearing my mom's plaid apron. It seems we've always had it.

Our beautiful Christmas Eve table, simple and traditional.

Reid showed off what he learned at Johnson & Wales University - impressive!

Chad, the Oven Mitt Man, displays the ladies' hard work...and it was delicious!

Genna chowing down on green beans and a roll. That's right, I didn't even break it into pieces for her. She got the whole thing; hey, it's Christmas!

Sugar cookie Christmas tree

Sugar cookies, gingersnaps and candy cane cookies. For Santa? Oh yeah, sure.

Genna opening her first Christmas present - socks!

I hope your Christmas Eve was filled with family, yumminess and sweet anticipation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gingerbread House and Train

Our Christmas journey continues...with a gingerbread house and a gingerbread train! See how excited Holly is!

A few days after we arrived in Utah, Diane utilized her amazing culinary skills to guide our creative efforts.

The train: pre-decoration.

I couldn't resist organizing the candy by type and then's just what I do. Let me tell you, we were not tempted to eat this "candy" at all - it came with the house & train sets and was not appetizing. Trick-or-treaters would have scorned. It was colorful, and I suppose that's all that matters.

Look at Holly's joyful face! She got to knead the tube of frosting to a "toothpaste consistency."

We were so lucky to have Grandpa Cluff, a real engineer, around to guide our efforts.

He was quite the task-master!

The pro in action.
Diane taking out her frustration on some hard candy - she broke it into pieces to be used for stained-glass windows. This did NOT come in the box. :)

Our poor little gingerbread men couldn't seem to stand up straight...neither could the lamppost...

Here is Jordan adding his contribution.

Ta-da! Here is the train: final product.

Could we have added any more rainbows? I don't think so.

Don't you just love the Milk Duds coal? This was another of our ingenious additions.

And the house - what a masterpiece.

Check out those icicles! Diane is a master.

As a final touch, we added a cobblestone entry made of white chocolate peppermint bark (another delicious "neighbor gift.")

We had such a wonderful time making these beautiful gingerbread creations. Thank you Diane!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Utah Highlights - 2

Here's a few more miscellaneous photos; I have been devoting my time to some major projects, instead of blogging. It's probably for the best. :)

Genna received a really cute Noah's Ark set from Grandma and Grandpa Cluff, and she loves playing with it!

My favorite picture of my sister, Holly, and myself. Aren't we cute?

Genna and Avery playing around on New Year's Day. I'm so glad they are friends!

I think Genna's favorite present was My First Purse, which you can see in the previous picture with Avery. It includes a coin purse, lipstick, keys, comb and most importantly - a cell phone! She loves playing with it, but once she catches sight of my cell phone, she drops that silly plastic thing and goes for the real technology! She is very good at calling Reid at work, and my family at home. She even managed to clear out my Favorites menu. Thanks, sweetie!

This is Genna and her Great-Grandpa Cluff. He lives in California, but flew out to visit many of his children. We were so blessed to be able to visit with him for a few days!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Utah Highlights - 1

Well, we've been back for a whole week now, and I've finally decided to blog. It was a little difficult not being able to blog whenever I wanted to during the holidays, and now I have over 400 pictures and the thought of blogging about all of the wonderful things that happened is overwhelming. Therefore, I have decided to just do some highlights of the trip. For a comprehensive account of my time in Utah, please check my sister's blog: Holly's Happenings.

Genna and Reid playing Magic with my brother, Jordan.

Wow...that's some loyalty.

At first, Avery (my brother's son) wasn't too sure about Genna...

...but who can resist that smile?

Genna reaching for an ornament. I wanted to take this picture because I have a picture of me reaching for an ornament on my Grandmother's tree my first Christmas.

More pictures to follow. For now, Reid and I are putting together a Noah's Ark puzzle his mom gave us for Christmas. I can't wait to glue it and hang it in Genna's room!