Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry for the three-week hiatus. I've been really busy taking care of our new pet elephant. (That's more interesting than the real reason...which is nothing.)

So, Happy Valentine's Day! Here are a few lovey pictures.

My sister mailed us Valentines, and here is Genna opening hers...

...with her mouth. :)

For breakfast today, we had pink heart-shaped waffles. Yum!

Don't you just love Genna's pajamas? You can't help but love her.

Today was wonderful, even though Reid is at work and I am at home. It's ok - he is making big $ at Carrabba's, and I am comforted with Grey's Anatomy and my blog.

This morning, we had the opportunity to attend the temple together, for the first time in over a year (well, that's not entirely true, but the first time we've attended a session). It was so wonderful; I felt so happy and peaceful, I didn't want to leave. I thought back to our wedding day, and pondered how far we have come. Heck, we have a daughter! And isn't she great? I can't wait for my whole family, and all my children, to join me in the temple.