Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Once There Was a Snowman...

In November, my friends and I had an ornament exchange: each of us made 20 ornaments and then we exchanged and took home 1 ornament from each person. I decided to make some cute little snowmen, which turned out great - thanks to Reid's assistance!

I found the snowmen cutouts at Michael's, which I painted white. I also found some adorable rub-on snowmen faces. (This is where Reid comes in.)

Here he is with his trusty "craft stick," which he used to rub the faces on the snowmen. Like so:

Then, I finished them off with little buttons and crocheted scarves. Ta da!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the ornaments I received, as well as our "Horizontal Tree." :)


Emily Petty said...

Cute ornaments! Did you crochet all the little scarves yourself? I'm impressed with Reid for helping - he looks pretty cute with his craft stick! Cool opportunity to go to the football game too!

Nicolaysen's Neighborbood said...

I love your snowman! It's got a great spot on my tree! Thanks for all your hard work Reid!

Leslie said...

That was such a fun party ~ my kids were happy to see all the cool ornaments I came home with after seeing all of mine... We love the snowman!

(you sang so beautifully tonight!!! I am so impressed!)

Channa said...

What a cute idea - I'll have to remember it for next year! (Oh, and I really like the tutu - unfortunately it's not applicable yet!)