Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cheering for the Cougs in the Falcon's Nest

Although we are grateful for Reid's new job, we are slightly sad at the loss of some great perks. El Pomar was always giving the Fellows opportunities to attends various events, which we able to take advantage of often. One last freebie we were able to enjoy were box seats at the BYU vs. AF game in November. (I know it's been a few weeks - I've been busy!)

It was so fun! El Pomar owns three parking spots in an upper lot right next to the stadium, so we drove past the traffic and walked right up to the press box. Lunch was a slight disappointment - we saw the Texas Roadhouse vans and were expecting BBQ, but we found stir fry with rice instead. Huh? Oh well, it was free.

This is a picture of one of our seats...

...which were on the front row! This is Reid and Genna standing in front of our seats, checking out the crowd before the game started. (Note the adoring look that Genna has for her father.)

Of course, Genna couldn't be without her favorite little blue puppy, Sammy. "Hey, what's going on down there?"

Genna spent a fair amount of time crawling and climbing around, which meant I spent a fair amount of time following her. She makes friends wherever she goes, and this day was no exception. Two ladies just could not get enough of her - they are clearly lesser fans than my mother. :)

Although we had to leave a bit early to get Reid to work on time, we were able to pick up the game on the radio in the car (we even got KSL, though it was a bit staticky). Yeah for BYU!!!

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