Friday, December 12, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

I have always loved the Christmas season, especially the decorations. There is something so fulfilling about re-discovering the same favorite ornaments and decorations each year; it seems so easy to connect this year to those past, and to connect those items with special memories.

When I was younger, I loved the special feeling that the glow of Christmas lights gives so much that I would curl up behind the tree to play with the Nativity set or read a book, all the while listening to Christmas music. A favorite was "Beneath the Christmas Star" which I have never heard on any holiday music radio station...but I still have the cassette tape. :)

The first two years that Reid and I were married, we purchased live trees. What a treat! There is nothing better than that smell, though I admit the watering gets a little old, especially in this dry climate. This year, we will be in Utah for Christmas, plus we have an almost-walking daughter, and the thought of a live tree didn't sound so great. I didn't want to buy an artificial tree who wouldn't actually get to shelter presents under its boughs, and since we have re-arranged our furniture since last year, we don't really have a place for one.

However, I have just participated in an ornament exchange, so I have about 20 new, beautiful ornaments to display, in addition to those I have already accumulated. What to do? And then one day, it hit me. I will have a Horizontal Tree on a Diet! Maybe it needs a new name. Any suggestions?

Here's how it works: I (actually, Reid) wound two lengths of garland together with some icicle lights and hung it over our front window. Then, I hung the ornaments on our whatever-you-want-to-call-it Tree. I absolutely love it! It has actually surprised me how much I don't miss having a real tree. Last year, I was looking forward to buying one for months! I think this year, I am just so excited to be spending Christmas with my family...but that's another post.

Here are a bunch of pictures of my Tree and ornaments. Enjoy.

The Tree lit up at night - my favorite! The ornaments:

Recognize this little guy? :)

I hope you are each enjoying your tree - no matter what it looks like.


Emily Petty said...

What a great idea in lieu of a Christmas tree - it looks wonderful! We decided to risk the tree and have been busy picking up broken ornaments since then.

Lin said...

What a cute idea! but more importantly, when will you be here in utah? before the 18th? after the 28th? i need to know!! :)

Cathie said...

You could call it a Sideways Tree.

And I'm so darn excited to show up in your sidebar, it might one day prompt me to blog more!

Jenna and Jeremy said...

i love your Christmas tree idea!! And we're leaving for Christmas break on the 19th, so we'll probably miss you. Which is sad. I like seeing you when you come into town.

burnin8or said...

How about "Overgrown Mistletoe"?

Holly said...

I love it! Good job being economical!