Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie!!!

Well, I just got home from watching the midnight showing of the "Twilight" movie, and - of course - had to blog about it. There is just something unique about attending a movie on opening night. The audience has a shared excitement, and is always more vocal with cheers, laughs and applause.

Yes, there were cheesy moments and awkward moments; I was expecting that. But there were also funny moments and thrilling moments. Mostly, it just made me want to read the book again, which I suppose is what any good film version should do for a great book.

Some favorite quotes:

While the Cullens prepare "Italiano" food for Bella~
Rosalie: "Is she even Italian?"
Emmet: "Her name is Bella!"

Carlisle to Edward~
"Remember who you are." (Sound familiar?)

Even Stephanie Meyer pops in! Despite the theater filled with girls not legal to do just about anything, it made me want (for a short moment) to go to prom again. If that prom included Edward Cullen. And he had less lipstick on.


As a side note, I did NOT enjoy the previews. Most of them were for dark, twisted, graphic, disturbing movies, not exactly in the same vein as "Twilight." I even had to turn my head a few times because I cannot stand images of freaky children. Where were the romantic comedy previews? We need more love and less explosives, people.

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Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

I went to the midnight showing too! I agree with everything you said. I fact if I could copy and paste your review I would.Ü I also agree about the previews. What were the CEOs thinking? It is obvious that none of them had ever read the books. How else could they have put a preview for "Unborn," before Twilight? Honestly what were that kids parents thinking, letting him star in a show like that? I know, "lets mental scar our child for life so he can be a STAR."