Friday, November 14, 2008

Congratulations to Reid!

Recently, Reid has been complaining that this blog is really all about Genna. True. I've decided to try to blog about more things than just Genna - let's start with Reid! (Ironically enough, I couldn't find a picture of Reid without Genna...)

Reid just got a new job! We were not searching, but this job found him. Reid is now the Box Office Manager at the World Arena. His first day of work was yesterday, and I think it went well. He is already familiar with many aspects of the job and people he will work with, as he
spent a part of his fellowship there last year, and has been working part-time since then. Reid is currently asleep on the couch (didn't make it through "Super Nanny"...) after coming home from work at 8 pm. He works so hard for our family, and I sure am grateful!

Love you, Manager Reid!


Emily Petty said...

Wow! Seems like everyone has had life-changing events lately! Congratulations to Reid, I hope he enjoys his new job.

Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

I just found you again. I had your site saved on Colin's old computer, as a favorite of course, but once I moved I changed computers. I was so excited to see your link on Buffy's site.

Megan said...

Congrats Reid!