Friday, May 2, 2008

Rocky Mountain Road.....Mmmmmmmmm!

Today, I (Reid) am writing about ice cream. Yes, that's right ice cream. Specifically, the flavor of rocky mountain road ice cream from Josh & John's here in Colorado Springs. I have to say that this is is probably the best frozen dessert I've ever tasted. The real key to this particular rocky road is the marshmallows. Some rocky roads have marshmallow swirls, or possibly some kind of stale marshmallows that taste dry. Josh and John have done it right, the marshmallows are the perfect consistency just like you're eating them fresh out of the bag. They also have the perfect walnuts and Chocolate. Sometimes chocolate can be hard, but they use Ghiradelli chocolate and it isn't too hard, but makes the flavor of the ice cream perfect. These my friends make the perfect Rocky Road Ice Cream, that is Rocky Mountain Road:

1. Marshmallows
2. Walnuts
3. Ghiradelli Chocolate

With these three things you can make the perfect ice cream. Well, that is all, I just wanted to ramble on about my favorite ice cream shop. They also have many other great flavors like chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip and homemade waffle cones. If you're ever in Colorado Springs, or perhaps you live here, you must make it a regular treat to stop by Josh & John's Ice Cream Parlor on Pikes Peak and Tejon streets.

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Utah Runner said...

Rebecca, do you really like walnuts, in that ice cream?