Sunday, May 18, 2008

Genna's Secret Move

I suppose it's my turn to blog - this is Rebecca. A few days ago, Genna got me really excited - she rolled over for the first time! She had been having some "tummy time" while I did the dishes. She used to hate being on her tummy, and would only last maybe 10 minutes and only if sat down right next to her. Recently, she's been enjoying it more, and keeping herself occupied longer as she strengthens her body enough to play around. Anyway, I had put her on her stomach and started working in the kitchen for a few minutes when I stepped back into the family room to check on her. I was so surprised to find her on her back! I called Reid right away to tell him!

I'm sure it happened just by accident, and she hasn't repeated the trick yet, but I hope she will soon. She sure is a pro at rotating while on her tummy - she completely rotated 180 degrees today, and moved almost a foot! I guess she just preferred the toys on the other side of her mat...

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