Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Fall of Azula.....Finally!

To the left here, you can see that even our baby has played into our obsession for the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. Our cousin Lauren drew this beautiful onesie at Rebecca's baby shower last November. We are avid fans who listen to podcasts about this show, watch every week, and I (Reid) even have an Aang (main character of the show) action figure on my desk at work. Some people might ask why 25 year-olds such as ourselves are so into a kid's show like this. Well, I think we can blame that on our Free cousins in Arizona. They introduced the show to us two Thanksgivings ago. Ever since then we have bought both seasons that are out so far and we continue to watch the third season on TV. Recently, we just watched an episode that hasn't "officially" been released yet. But we have our sources online. The most recent episode has made us extremely happy as the evil villain, Azula, who has seemed indestructible until now finally went down. WE are so happy about it that we are now putting it on our blog. Is this an obsession.......maybe. But what a great show to be obsessed about. It is the best of Anime with an American style storyline and fantastic martial arts. Who wouldn't love this show? In case any of you want to get in on this obsession, the long-awaited conclusion to this season and the Avatar Saga begin again on July 14 on Nickelodeon.

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Holly said...

Why didn't somebody make me watch an episode back then? I could have been a part of the Avatar caze for years instead of months . . . Lauren needs to draw another one for baby Kate. I think it should have Aang on it. Here is my reasoning: Genna wore a onesie with Katara, who has lots of hair, but ended up being bald for 18 months, so Baby Kate should have Aang, who is bald, on hers and hopefully she will have as much hair as Katara (Maybe not straight out of the womb, but hopefully soon after.)