Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Giant Jokester

Reid and I were just sitting around, knowing it was bedtime but too lazy to move, and I noticed how much Genna has grown in the past year. She was standing next to a musical play table, with lots of fun buttons, which she got when she was about 7-8 months old. I remember that when standing, she could barely touch the buttons on the edge of the table, and here she is towering over it like a giant.

Reid said, "She looks like King Kong!" Right at that moment, Genna turned to the side and took a few really large steps, as if imitating a giant. We bust up laughing, of course. She turned around and looked at us, and then starts laughing really loud as well, like she totally got the joke. We could not stop laughing!

Neither could she...long after we had calmed down. She kept doing things and waiting for us to laugh again. She is such a funny girl, and loves attention! I thinking Genna will love having younger siblings to entertain/boss around/laugh at her. But not yet.


Laura said...

how old is she now?

Emily Petty said...

Adorable - I want to go to the circus too!