Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Joined The Circus

Well, not exactly, but we did enjoy ourselves at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus that came to town here in Colorado Springs. On Saturday night, Rebecca and Genna got to go to the circus while I was working in the Box Office. Here they are during the first half:

Right now, Genna's thinking, "How can I sneak away from mom to go pet that tiger over there?" Well, she never got the chance, but we did get to see the tigers after intermission when I joined them. It was pretty awesome! As you can see, I might have liked them even more than Genna did.

The tigers were the greatest part of the show.

Genna is so tired, she looks dazed.

This is Genna the next day with her elephant. I took Rebecca and Genna to meet the promoter of the show, and she gave us this sweet elephant.


Rosie Rose said...

Now that Genna has a taste for the circus you'd better be careful that she doesn't run away and try to join. Make sure you give her everything she wants, all the time...

Camille said...

what a CUTE girl! im excited to see her again. and her hair seems to be growing, slowly, THAT's exciting!! :)

The Cluff Family said...

Rose, thanks for the awesome parenting advice. Is that what kept you from running away to the circus?

Camille, sadly, her hair is still just growing in the back. Mullets are not cute!

The Hansen Family said...

Genevieve is SO cute! Thanks for sharing your blog! It's fun to see how old friends are doing! You guys are so cute!

P.S. We joined the circus too - so your not alone! LOL:)