Friday, January 8, 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life...

... and I'm feeling good.

Goodbye 2009, and the first trimester blues, and hello 2010! I am looking forward to these next few months of relative comfort (physically), and then to another happy & healthy baby (hopefully). I have good feelings about this year, and I hope it doesn't let me down.

This song says it all. And no, it's not over the top. I secretly wish that I was a Broadway diva, and Reid secretly wishes I was Canadian, so it's perfect!

P.S. Hilarious video of Genna dancing to follow, for those of you who read this blog for her.


Bridget said...

You crack me up Rebecca! I'm going to tease Reid about the Canadian thing. Too funny! I'm so glad you're feeling healthy and happy. What a great start to 2010! BTW, when are you due?

The Cluff Family said...

Thanks, Bridget! My due date is July 2. If the baby comes just a few days early, my kids will be exactly 2 1/2 years apart!

Laura said...

Thanks for finally sending your blog address! i have to get caught up now. I totally didn't know you were preg! Congrats!

Belle n' Kent said...

CON-GRAT-U-LA-TIOOOONS!!!!!! How exciting!!! I've been going through Cluff Corner withdrawls lately. I miss your "monthly" emails! :) Finally dug through and found your blog, got my fix, and now I'm good to go! Genna is getting SOOO big!!! What a CUTIE!!! I totally see the Nelson side in her! :) I love all the SYTYCD pics! :) And I'm very proud of myself that I recognized three of the contestants! (Even though it was a season ago.)
LOVE YOU!!! We had a get-together of old high school buds right before Christmas. We all went to the Crittendons and met Chris's fiance. Missed you...thought of you the whole time.

Jackie said...

YEAH! Small world! Lincoln say hi!

How funny.

Congrats on your baby, due any day now from the looks of it.

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