Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm NOT Pregnant

Thanks for indulging me in a little April Fool's joke, everyone. No, I'm NOT pregnant, and when I do become so, probably won't announce it like that on my blog. But who knows? Maybe as soon as I get two lines on a stick I'll get one of those freaky-looking floating fetus counters: "280 days to go."

(No offense to those that have them. Only don't you wish the fetus would actually represent what it looked like at that moment? I keep waiting for the little floating guy to get bigger until he doesn't float around anymore...just squirm. TMI? I thought so.)

P.S. Cathie, I loved your train of thought.

So, how was YOUR April 1st?

1 comment:

Lin said...

this is a random post to comment on, but this is a random comment. haha.

i have noticed your comments on my blog and i am loving your new commenting ways! it's inspiring me to try to get back in the habit of commenting. that is what blogging is for, right? being interactive and not just stalking your friends. haha.