Friday, March 27, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I hope it is socially acceptable to blog about an event 10 days after it occurred. Let's see, I'm social. Do I accept this? Yes, I do!

St. Patrick's Day has long been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my favorite color is green. My family always seemed to focus more on the green aspect rather than the Irish aspect. In fact, I don't think I had ever heard of corned beef or tried cabbage until I went to college. Even when I try to be cultural, it's off. Case in point: my dearest cousin Melinda also has a fondness for this holiday, and we like to celebrate by watching "Brigadoon." Which takes place in Scotland.

Anyhow, we (my sister and I) started off the day with some good old-fashioned green eggs. I did take a picture, but it doesn't exactly look appetizing, so I'm going to leave it out. My cousins and a few of Reid's co-workers came over for dinner, which turned out to be a feast! This is what made it to the table:
  • Avocado, pear, orange & craisen salad (thanks, Deanna!)
  • Green mashed potatoes
  • Pesto gnocchi
  • Chili queso (so, this was not green or Irish in any way. Sorry, I love queso!)
Our guests also contributed to the meal:
  • Steak (yum!)
  • Rolls with green butter (looked like frosting)
  • Mint chocolate chip and brownie ice cream
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches
  • Shortbread cookies (pretending to be Irish...really Scottish)
  • Dark chocolate biscuit cookies (French...which is an even further cry from Irish)
Overall, a delicious meal. And when followed up with "American Idol," what could be better?


Laura said...

Sounds like a fun party! I want some of that salad, sounds yum!

And to answer your question, we are in actual Phoenix and we love it so far. I don't think we'll love the summer. We'll have to stay inside all the time, but a least we don't have to shovel any snow!

Holly said...

What good memories! And yummy food! Too bad it is fast Sunday today...

Holly said...

I forgot to say that the new blog layout and color scheme is really cute! However I think the font is a little small.

Ixchelle said...

The Brigadoon thing is awesome! I really was laughing out loud. :)